XXXTenacion’s Will Leaves Everything To Mom, No Babymama

XXX Tentacion was only 20 when he was murdered earlier this month, but he left behind a will which underscores what appears to have been some sort of premonition he was going to die.

According to the will, filed with the court, XXX left all of his property in trust, with his mom as trustee. She filed docs saying the beneficiaries in the trust are her and XXX’s 2 brothers. The will states XXX has no children. It’s interesting … his mother claims a prior girlfriend of XXX’s is currently pregnant. It appears the will was drafted before she became pregnant. It was signed in November 2017.

As we reported, at the time of his death he was facing multiple domestic violence charges involving alleged brutality against another girlfriend.

As for the premonition of death, XXX had talked about dying in the last months of his life which may explain why he had taken the time to have a will drafted.

The will does not state his net worth at the time of death.

According to TMZ, he died in the hospital and was later entombed.

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