‘I’ll Arrange For Free Medical Treatment By Visiting Medics From Other Parts Of The Country And Outside,’ Dr. Anya Inyima Kalu For Ohafia South Constituency

Indeed, the Ohafia South Constituency have bagged itself a quality representative in the person of Dr Anya Inyima Kalu who is not only diligent and honest but also trusted to represent the people better in the State House of Assembly.

He said;The political leadership in the constituency must work closely with NGOs such as Red Cross etc. to attain needed attention.

Having said that, there are times when we all need to go to the hospitals. Government hospitals as we all know are poorly equipped. As a member representing Ohafia South Constituency, I shall undertake the following:

• Work closely with NGOs operating within or outside the constituency to intensify public awareness and accessibility of health protection products and services, such as insecticide-treated nets and anti-malarial drugs.

• Canvass for medical equipment for community based clinics and private clinics/hospitals with capacity potentials. In return make contracts with them to take minimum charges to treat patients.

• Periodically, I will arrange for free medical treatment by visiting medics from other parts of the country and outside.

• Introduce a scheme for each and every individual to have access to health facilities by ensuring that each constituent has a private doctor.

Having noted this, what more can you want if not somebody that will represent the people well and provide the lacking basic amenities that we need in order to get by.

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