#EndSARS: We Won’t Be Protesting If Govt Has Been Responsible – Alex Unusual to Sanwo-Olu

Following the imposed 24 hour curfew by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday, former big brother naija reality star Alex Asogwa has stated that the Nigerian youths will not be protesting if the government has been responsible.

She stated that the protest has been peaceful so far and accused the government of sending thugs to disrupt the protest.

Alex stated that most policemen have been building houses with money extorted from citizens and the government has been alarmingly quiet about it till this protest.

She wrote, “Dear sir @jidesanwoolu I must commend how you have supported us throughout this protest and how you have made decisions. You are doing well sir and I must say, we didn’t see this kind of amazing leadership coming when we were voting. It’s amazing because I can’t understand how you will wake up and announce a 24 hours curfew because the government sent thugs to make a peaceful protest look violent, knowing fully well we have been nothing but peaceful.

It’s amazing because never was a curfew announced when things were going wrong and your officers were killing innocent souls but now that we decided to demand what we deserve, there is a conscious effort to shut us up. It baffles me that the government cares less about lives as long as they make more money. It’s amazing how we have rights to speech and protest but have no rights to the same thing.

It’s disheartening that you expect people to get home before your curfew but you are fully aware that you didn’t build all the roads and there will be traffic. It’s alarming that you know fully well that police men have been using these your numerous curfew to build houses via extortion and you continue to give them that privilege. It’s heartbreaking that I feel you are pretending the government doesn’t know about all these but they consciously fuel it. If I’m wrong then may God bless you beyond expectations.

If I’m right, may God in heaven make sure that our curses follow all corrupt leaders and if you are one of them, then so be it. If you people like, continue sending thugs privately and supporting us publicly but after your curfew, we move. Point of correction sir, this government hasn’t been alive to it’s responsibilities because if it had, we won’t be protesting. Let those corrupt police men make more curfew gains today.

We see you all. Painful slow deaths shall follow all involved in this correct accusation. Also remember that a lot of those under this responsible government are homeless. Thanks to our great government. have a whole lot to type but let me stop here and calm down a bit.
#endbadgovernanceinnigeria #endpolicebrutality🇳🇬

Recall that Governor Sanwo-Olu announced a curfew in the State after thugs burnt down a police station in Orile.

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