Inmate Matched Back To Prison After Wife Discovered He Was Released In Error

An inmate was mistakenly released from jail but had the shock of his life when his wife matched him back to the prison after discovering that he was released in error.

He enjoyed 2 hours of freedom before the match.

Court records show James Rynerson, 38, had been taken into custody last month at the Mesa County Jail on a $2,000 bond while awaiting prosecution on menacing, disorderly conduct and trespass charges.

He was released on May 21 after deputies at the jail mistook him for another inmate, Marvin March.
Rynerson never corrected the jail staff who gave him March’s paperwork and personal items, then sent him on his way wearing March’s leather jacket. He arrived home to his surprised wife, who told him he needed to turn himself.

She drove him back to the jail. Sgt. Henry Stoffel said that jail employees broke procedure when they failed to check Rynerson’s wristband and picture.

Stoffel credited Rynerson’s wife for returning her husband to custody. “Fortunately, his wife convinced him to return to the detention facility before any citizens were harmed,” Stoffel said.

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