Cleaner Reduced To Tears After Students Did This

This is so cute!

A cleaner at the University of Bristol was reduced to tears after students gifted £1,500  to send him to Jamaica.

The money was raised to fund a week’s trip for Herman Gordon and his wife to visit family, BBC reports.

A video of Herman being surprised with the money was later shared online and shows him breaking down in tears.

The gift was accompanied by a note addressed from “Bristol Students”, which thanked Herman for his “positive energy” over the years.
“You have brightened many of our days and we want you to know that we love and appreciate you.”
Herman has worked at Bristol University as part of the cleaning staff for 12 years. The idea for Herman’s trip came from a Facebook post.

The initial post called Herman “the jolliest man I have ever met” and said, “if you wanna reason to smile, go talk to him for a min or two”.

A day later, Hadi Al-Zubaidi, a 20-year-old medicine student posted that he was starting a crowdfunding page for him. Within five days, he’d almost reached his target.
Hadi has chatted with Herman numerous times, but soon decided “he deserved more than just conversations”. “He spends the whole time being nice to everybody, it’s about time we were nice to him.”

Watch here;

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