Nigerian Man Writes An Open Letter To Aisha Buhari

Following the different killings going on in the country, a Nigerian man has penned an open letter to the First Lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari for her role in the country, family and others. He said he chose to write her because she seems like a listening woman.

An Open letter to Her Excellency the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 
Mrs Aisha Muhammad’s Buhari.

Your Excellency… I write this letter with a very heavy heart and without no IOTA or whatsoever.

I will like to acknowledge your roll as a wife to the Number 1 citizen of NIGERIA, you have so far proven to be a loyal, honest and God fearing woman, your braveness and goodwill to see your husband succeed and to deliver his campaign promises is incomparable. 
I choose to write this letter to you because you are a listening woman and also for your interest in the well-being of of our great nation.

Your Excellency if you will recall, back in 2015 the reason why Nigerians chose your husband to lead us, 
we were at at point where NIGERIA was fast sinking, and knowing your husband to be a man of integrity and a disciplinarian who happens to be the most qualified at that point in time, not considering his age.

Nigerians spoke against all odds and settled for your husband as a God sent, we all knew it isn’t going to be easy, 
but never thought it could get this worse.

your Excellency take a look around your husband, 99% of the people he’s surrounded with are the same old condemned politicians who has nothing to ofer but only after their own selfish interest.

As a God fearing woman you will agree with me that these people has not only mislead your husband but also tarnished his good hard earned name.

The Question is how did we get here?

Now another election is fast approaching, campaign has began, they are willing to do anything to retain the power for your husband at all cost, not considering the people’s wish.

The rate of poverty in the land has gone extremely high, joblessness like never before, calamities here and there, lawlessness, killings, ritualist are now more recognized more than a common man, injustice by the police from the top to the bottom, insecurity, oppression by the politicians, misuse of power by your husband, the rate of Which Nigerians are running out of the country is alarming, for the very first time in the history of Quebec and Ontario CANADA they ran out of space in their refugee shelters because of the inflox of refugees of Which Nigerians has the highest numbers, this is indeed a BIG shame to us as Nation….e.t.c

You will also agree with me that little does your husband knows about the happenings around the country, because if he does and still choose to go for a re-election, am sorry to say but he lost his fear for God and humanity. 
Your Excellency, you as a mother of the nation and the C.EO of the other room, 
pls kindly on behalf of all Nigerians invite your Husband to the other room with you and seat him down and talk to him as a man you married not as SAI BABA”

I personally believe that you alone can talk to him as your husband, use your power as a woman, you have spoken before, and we know you can still do it, do not let anyone silence you ma’m.

Always remember all powers belong to God alone, and no matter how long you stay in power, you are still coming back to the society.

Remember you have a son God spared his life for you after a terrible accident he had, Nigerians raised their voices in prayer for your families during your trying times, both when his Excellency was admitted and that of your son.

It’s right time you return that favour ma. Enough is Enough.

God bless your Excellency 


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