Truck Spotted Driving Without Tyres In Lagos

The situation in the country is one we cannot pray but help ourselves, just yesterday, a tanker carrying petrol exploded and today, a truck was spotted driving without tyres. We have to help ourselves.

yawnaijaI don’t normally write like this but this is getting too much, 
Until the rotten tooth is pulled out the mouth will know no peace. The problem of our dear country is not for God to answer us but for everyone to do that which is right. 
I was driving home from the mainland and I saw this trailer driving without tyres, driving because he already knew that there’s always a way out (bribery) regardless of who’s enforcement agency is on the road not minding endangering not just his life but that of others. 
Nigeria is a quagmire of cankerworm of lawlessness that has deeply eaten into the system. Who do we blame

What is happening in Nigeria is as a result of indiscipline, lawlessness; corruption and non-standardization of laws. 
It has nothing to do with God’s punishment or prayers but for the right peg to be in the right hole. 
This disaster is as a result of our stupidity… Like @asiricomedy posted this morning,
Most of the things we pray for in Nigeria are organisational anomalies. Prayers don’t solve that, 
Common sense will

Watch here….

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