Breast Uplift Goes Wrong As Beautician’s Nipple Falls Off

A beautician’s nipple has fallen off as a plastic surgery left her boobs with a gaping hole in her chest.

Cherrise Massey paid £5,500 and travelled to Istanbul, Turkey, for a breast uplift and augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift.

These ops were botched and she woke up from an eight-hour surgery to find her bottom had been filled with boob implants.

The 23-year-old, from Salford, Manchester was rushed for emergency treatment and had three blood transfusions.

Sadly, this was only the start of Cherrise’s “living nightmare”.

Back in the UK, she was diagnosed with necrosis – a flesh eating bacteria.

Cherrise said: “I researched the clinic and saw amazing results as four friends had been there.

“Everything seemed legit and I couldn’t wait to get rid of my saggy boobs after breast feeding.

Initially, I wanted a fatty lump removed from my bottom as I had a BBL in February in Miami.

“But after my consultation, I agreed to have implants as it sounded better – however I did not think it would be breast implants!

“I woke up from the surgery and I didn’t feel well. I knew something was wrong.

“I begged the nurses, who couldn’t speak English, to help me as I couldn’t even lift up my head.”

The beautician added: “It took two days of complaining for them to realise – something isn’t right.”

After a stint in intensive care, Cherrise was told her bum implants had to be removed because her body was rejecting them.

She said: “I instantly felt better when I woke up from surgery.

I was shocked when I saw the implants they put in – they were different sizes and for breasts!

“My breasts looks good but swollen which is normal however my one nipple kept on bleeding.

“They kept putting small plaster-like strips over it to mask the bleeding and the fact it was rising. But I was told the bleeding was normal.”

Cherrise didn’t get to the root of the problem until she returned to the UK and went to A&E.

She explained: “Doctors were horrified to see what they had done to me.

“I had to go every other day to get the bandages changed and it went from bad to worse.

“My nipple was purple in Turkey and I was told it was bruising but after a couple of weeks, it was jet black.

“Two weeks after the surgery, I noticed my nipple was lifting despite being on strong antibiotics to try and stop the infection.

Four days later on September 21, my nipple completely came off.

“I fell to the floor as I saw it peel off with the bandages. I am completely mortified.”

Cherrise said the “gaping hole” in her chest has left her with a “horrific smell”.

She said: “I feel like i’m in a horror film – I can’t even get away with it. It stinks like a dead body because it is rotting flesh.

“I can’t forget about it because it is burning and my whole breast is in pain.

“I am at risk of contracting sepsis and the clinic in Turkey don’t even care – they have blocked me!”

The NHS is closely monitoring the patient and has warned the implant mat have to be removed if the infection worsens”

Cherrise added: “I am happy to take the implant out if necessary.

“I regret going to Turkey, I wish I had just kept my saggy boobs.

“I am going to need a skin graft on my nipple in the future which will leave me with more scars.

“It is too late for me and I have a long road to recover but I hope my story will stop other women from going abroad for surgery.

“The surgeons I visited don’t care about you, they just want your money – I have learnt the hard way.

“I wouldn’t wish any of this on my worst enemy – it is truly horrendous.

“I wish I had saved more and got the surgery in the UK, I was quoted £8,800.

“I am urging girls to save more and steer clear from Turkey – it doesn’t matter if your friend has been or you have done the research!”

Culled from Daily Mail

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