Staff Of University Of Agriculture, Benue State Killed By Fulani Herdsmen

This is sad. A staff of the University of Agriculture Benue was killed by fulani herdsmen yesterday when he was returning from Abuja. He was attacked with others but the bullet killed him on the spot. How long will this keep going on.
Read his post…

Mr. Isaac a staff of University of Agriculture in the ICT department who was brutally murdered by Fulani herdsmen along Lafia – Makurdi road yesterday in the afternoon while coming back from Abuja around Kadarko.
The Fulani herdsmen attacked their private vehicle ,came out from the bush and started shooting at their vehicle he was caught by the bullets and died. While lapshak who was driving the car escaped.

How long shall we sit and watch the evil men in high places kill, maim, plant the seed of chaos and anarchy in our land?? If you are grieved, the time to bring that positive change in a positive direction is now. Your PVC and Your Vote must Count!! Go and Register Now

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