3 Injured As Terrible Accident Occurs At Obalende Bridge Lagos

As was shared on facebook…

This Accident happened today at Obalende bridge. I was going somewhere in Obalende when we saw people trying to bring out this guy from under his bus, his colleague, and the other Man stucked in
his Car. Our bus driver stopped and i came down and was speechless. The guy lying on the floor had a fractured leg, and his fingers were badly fractured too, with several injuries, and he was just bleeding. we tried calling Emergency service but all to no avail. As God will have it, an abulance was passing by and we begged him to stop and render help. He said thats not how they operate that someone must follow him to the hospital. 

People where scared because the guy cud die and another wahala fit come up from there. The victims were really in pain and that guy was losing blood. I had to tell him i wud go with him if dats wats gonna take for them to be taken to the hospital. I went with them and i was praying that nothing shud happen because the bleeding was much. His blood was just dripping all over my legs… They were taken to the Emergency unit. The Man dat hit them is still in shock and trembling , and crying that the car is his only means of survival. While the other two guys are in the Emergency room. I pray nothing shud happen to them. I just left the hospital and seriously i think am trebbling too. May God help us in this country.

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