Actress Anita Joseph Calls Out People That Does Not Have Sense On Instagram

Actress Anita Joseph has called out people who seemed not to have a sense on her Instagram handle, she said that they always feel like everyone is a threat and whatever done should be checked through with them.

But who could she be talking about?

anitajoseph8 “I wonder why some people have refused to have sense and be Useful specially on instagram
They can’t beat you or join you so they feel biting you will ease deir pain
Their problem now is likeing people’s pictures specially ur colleagues,it has become headache to them or for them
If I don’t like pictures or comment on ma colleagues pages or others,then what am I doing on instagram biko?
If you like and comment they say ur own is tomuch,
If you don’t they say your too proud
Una dey mad?
A lot have Dyslexia and some don’t understand english
So they are quick to curse (Anu mpams!!
Some one saw me one day and screamed chee u big oh,and to think I once insulted you just to get ur attention
But seeing you alone idikwa heavy😂😅aramashiogiri
If you check all dis people dat rant on social media they can’t even stand ur presence when dey See you👍🏻
Na so Una go talk talk one day persn go wait flog Una for road and u won’t even see who🏃🏼‍♀️ndi ala iberiberizim!!
Keep insulting celebrities and blocking u must be receiving I trust ma colleagues sha(peace unto us all 🙏

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