Bizarre! Lady Walks Into The Hospital Clutching A Snake That Bit Her

A young woman who was bitten by a snake has impressed many after catching the reptile with her bare hands before taking it with her to the hospital.

She held the snake around her wrist and calmly went to the ER so the medics could identify it, according to Dailymail.

Huang Shengqiang, the ER doctor who treated her, said the snake was a non-venomous red-banded snake. Dr. Huang said there was no swelling around the patient’s wound, so he gave her simple treatment.

Pictures released by China’s Pujiang Hospital show the woman calmly filling out a registration form while grabbing the snake with her thumb and fingers.
She told the doctor that she was searching for her dropped phone in the shrubs while being bitten by the snake, which then crawled onto her palm. She then caught it. 📷: Asiawire

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