Nigerian Boy Sentenced To Jail For Carrying Out Knife And Acid Attack With Two Others

A 19-year-old Nigerian boy, Miracle Osondu, was today, sentenced to jail along with two others for carrying out 19 knife and acid attack robberies in north and east London.

The Metropolitan police claimed that the horrific attacks targeted taxi drivers and people selling items via Gumtree. The group used strong acids, alkalis, and knives, to rob and maim their victims, some of whom will never recover from their injuries.

Antoine Mensah, 21, was sentenced to 13 years, extended to 17 years. Miracle Osondu, 19, was sentenced to 11 years, extended to 15. Mohammed Ali was sentenced to 8 years, extended to 12 years.

The court heard that between 26 April and 14 May 2018, the trio embarked on a series of robberies that involved robbing mini-cab drivers at knifepoint and using strong chemicals to rob people they had arranged to buy and sell mobile phones from the Gumtree website.

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