Join The Yul Edochie Youth Movement For A Better Nigeria

Join the movement….

For many months we have been working on this, it’s finally here.
Yul Edochie Youths for Better Nigeria. YEYBEN
A political group with two main objectives.

1. To increase youth participation in politics.
2. To bring incredible leaders, men and women who are determined to build a new Nigeria that works for all, irrespective of class, tribe or religion.

YEYBEN aims at uniting Nigerian youths from all tribes to achieve a better Nigeria.

We have established our presence in the 36 states of Nigeria and capital.
In almost all the higher institutions in Nigeria.
We have thousands of members already with registered PVC and still growing.

We are currently running a background check on all aspirants all across Nigeria to know who is most suitable for leadership and most deserving of our massive support.

To all Nigerian youths, its time to fix our dear country.
We shall no longer sit back and watch them determine our future.
Let’s get fully involved and together we all shall work hard and bring incredible leaders.
We must get it right in 2019.

I, Yul Edochie have put myself in the forefront of this struggle.
I will be visiting the 36 states and capital to meet with our members and strategize.
I appeal to all well-meaning Nigerian youths to join us today.

Nigeria belongs to all of us and if we work together we will reshape our future and that of our generation.

Join us today.

Membership is free. 
As long as you have your PVC and determined to work selflessly to rescue our dear Nation.

For membership: phone/whatsapp: 08084184043

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