‘Our Carreers And Profession Should Not Define Us, Relationship Should,’ OAP Freeze Shares His Thought About Hillary Clinton

OAP Freeze have shared his thought about his dislike for the decisions Hillary Clinton made while in office especially concerning Libya.
He shared this on his Instagram page today, read his post…

daddyfreezeI used to dislike Hillary Clinton for the mistakes she made while in office, especially with consequences like Libya.

Now, taking a closer look at her profile, I realize she is just a wife, a mom and a grandma; before anything else.

Maybe, just maybe, those mistakes were human errors after all…. Perhaps she’s just a housewife and mother, with the huge responsibility of keeping the world sane resting squarely on her shoulders.

She put wife first and indeed she is a wife, not many women would have stayed through the Monica Lewinsky scandal, or remained the pillar of support for their husband while he remained in office in the aftermath.Our careers and professions shouldn’t define us, our relationships should, after all we are human, FIRST! ~FRZ

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