Female TV Presenter Suspended For Calling Colleague ‘Handsome’ On Air

The female Kuwaiti TV presenter who called her colleague ‘handsome’ on air has been suspended from her job.

It happened when the TV host was on air during the live coverage of the country’s municipal
elections that happened last weekend.

The incident was captured in a video which shows the host trying to get her colleague, Nawaf Al Sharraki’s, attention to tell him that he was on air after she spotted him fixing his traditional head clothing.

“Nawaf, you don’t need to adjust your head garment, you’re handsome as it is,” the woman is heard saying. Her remark has created a furor in the Kuwait parliament and among top politicians.

Several officials even urged Mohammad Al Jaberi, the Gulf state’s Minister of Information to take action against the host. According to reports, the woman’s su

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