Karma! Man Recounts How Karma Met With A Lady Who Insulted His Dad

A facebook user has narrated how karma met with a lady who insulted his dad years ago. He disclosed that the lady called his dad names but hedid not react but after just two years, she encountered all that she told his dad.

It’s been close to 4 days my light was disconnected, and like every other day since it was disconnected, I went to charge my phone.

I plugged it and left.

Came back a few hours later and collected the phone.

I was heading home and I decided to take a route I took almost 2 years ago.

I don’t like using that route but I did.


My Dad once sold female shoes(Aba made shoes.) in that route.

He was selling them under the sun then.

He wasn’t allowed by the market workers to put an umbrella to shield him from rain and sun.

He managed.

He left that place 2 years ago, but an incident happened during his stay there.

There was this lady he had an issue with.

She won’t be above 25 years of age, but she insulted my Dad like they were mates.

She abused my Dad that day.

She said my Dad was evil and he uses juju and the juju he was using has backfired on him that’s why he will remain under the sun selling shoes.

She continued that sun will beat my Dad, even rain will fall on him all the days of his life in that market until he dies.

My Dad wanted to hit her, and I calm him down.

That night my Dad was angry at me.

He was mad.

He refused to talk to me even when we got home.

After I asked him why he was behaving cold towards me, he opened up to me that he was disappointed in me.

How I stood and watch a girl insult him when I could have beaten the living day out of her.

I told him I’m sorry.

I didn’t agree, he busted at me.

Called me names.

I went outside to cry.

I was confused.

I’m not a violent person, but I almost lost it that day.

My Dad and I struggled during Christmas season, made some money and he left that market.

Today, I passed through that route only to find that girl inside rain selling tomatoes, pepper and kerosene.

I can’t forget her face.

I walked forward.

Stopped her a friend’s shop and asked her what happened to the lady behind.

why is she no longer in her shop.

I was told the shop wasn’t her own. She was managing it with a woman and the woman died some months back.

She couldn’t afford the shop rent anymore and the shop was sold off to another person.

Formally she sells rice, beans, and so many other things.

Now, she is just selling tomatoes, pepper, and kerosene.

Rain was showering a little bit and it was falling on her mercilessly.

I was pleased!

I never planned to buy anything from the market, but because I wanted to get back at her, I went to the ATM in the market and withdrew 1k.

I went to her shop and told her to sell kerosene to me. 
(I have almost 4 liters of kerosene at home.)

She bent down.

I asked her if she knows me and she nodded her head.

I smiled.

“You know my Dad now has a shop?” I asked.

She didn’t reply.

“He no more sells aba made shoes anymore.” I continued.

She started hurrying up to sell the kerosene.

“You know, he is no longer in the rain, even sun doesn’t come close to his shop.”

She filled the kerosene and gave it to me.

I told her to sell tomatoes for me with pepper. 🙄🙄

I wasn’t done reading her.

She was packaging it, and I continued,

” He doesn’t just have a shop, he now has two shops. Isn’t that wonderful….”

She became irritated. her cheek bones almost found it’s way out of her skin.

“My Dad ehn, the juju he is using is very strong. I’m very grateful.” I didn’t retract.

She quickly tied everything and handed it over to me.

I chuckled, looked her in her tired eyes, and she diverged.

I sighed.

paid her for what I bought and left.

Walked a distance, turned back and my eyes met with hers. it was filled with dismay.

PS: I need to see my dad and tell him what I saw. 😂😂😂

PPS: My Dad would feel sorry for her, and it will make me sick. 😡😡😡

PPPS: let me go and cook.

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