‘I Do Not Promote Big Brother, It Is Unfortunate That They Call Them Stars,’ Actor Paul Obazele Says

Nollywood actor, Paul Obazele has taken a swipe at the former housemates of big brother naija reality game show revealing that they are not stars.

The Edo born actor, gave reasons why the Big Brother Naija reality show should not be promoted.
Obazele expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with Punch.

The actor says the reality show has nothing to add to the development of the Nigerian youth other than s*x.

The veteran said, “I don’t like Big Brother; why would I celebrate corruption? Do you want to tell me that to become a superstar, you have to be having sex in toilets? What are they depicting? There are so many reality shows that they can do.

“It is called cultural dislocation, bringing in the white man’s culture into ours. S*x is nothing to them. The most decent woman I have seen in the years of my travelling is the Nigerian woman. S*x is nothing to other African women, this is the truth.

“Why would I bring in a group of young people between the ages of 18 and 26 and make s*x the topic of the day? What did we learn from the show and today, some people are parading themselves as stars. It is nonsense.

“There are so many reality television shows they can do; they can send some people on internships but then they were able to cajole Nigerians who have small minds who think about s*x always and they started sending text messages to vote.

“At the end of the day, they were able to rake in more than N350m. If the organisers of the show made that amount of money, how much is the N25m they are giving the winner, it is a stipend to them. We are gullible.

“Some people would argue that it does not matter because they have warned about viewers’ discretion but that is nonsense. The show is shot in South Africa and to be honest, s*x and drugs are nothing to them. I do not promote things like Big Brother. It is unfortunate that they call them stars.”

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