‘We Need To Do More Than Getting Our PVC,’ Singer Eva Alordiah Says

Do we need to do more than getting our PVC?

evaxalordiahS T A R T W I T H Y O U. 

You need your PVC to Vote at the next Elections 🗳 

it is advisable to get one so you can Vote.
But, believing that the Change we seek lies dormant in the hands of another person in Power is the same as you giving your Power away.
The Power to change the world around you has already been given to you by the divine, you are either using that Power daily to effect Positive change or you simply do not Care and hope for a Messiah to come to save you.
We suffer tragedies caused by our own hands, our own lack of empathy towards one another, our own carelessness and pure selfishness.

We need to begin caring genuinely, from the heart, caring about each other and about the consequences of our actions one to another.
V I B E H I G H E R . Peace and Blessings to all❤

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