Reason Why World Leaders Visit Nigeria, Lai Mohammed Reveals

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said Nigeria was getting global attention under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration due to the President’s incorruptible leadership.

Featuring on a Nigeria Television Authority programme, “Stepping Up” on Sunday, Mohammed said, “What we have witnessed recently have shown beyond doubt that Nigeria is today an investors’ destination.

“Last week we received British Prime Minister, Theresa May. During the visit, several bilateral agreements were signed.

“Friday of the same week, we received German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Several bilateral agreements were also signed.

“The global leaders are coming to Nigeria because this government is providing good leadership in the areas of security and infrastructure.

“The perception globally about the government is that it is providing an incorruptible leadership, a government that you can do business with, without fear.

“In one year alone, we climbed 24 steps in the ladder of ease of doing business.

“These are all the things they have seen that are attracting them to come to partner and invest”.

He noted that the three cardinal goals driving the Buhari’s administration’s success were, “focus, discipline and integrity”

“We did not invent the Treasury Single Account (TSA), but we are the administration that is disciplined enough to ensure that all proceeds of government go into the TSA.

“This has helped a lot. Before now, funds belonging to the government were in thousands of bank accounts and the result was that we were paying a lot of bank charges on the accounts.

“Under the old system, the government could not have a holistic idea of how much fun it had, which hampered planning.

“Today, every penny of government is being paid into TSA. This has helped a lot.”




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