Ugwu na ami ami 1 of Ututu Ancient Kingdom Congratulate Dr. Alex Otti

This election has shown us the true power in oneness, this election was not between ngwa indigenous and other LGA like how PDP tried to twist it, this election was between the Abians and our corrupt politicians who swore never to let Abia grow, let join hand and support our new leader.

Amb. Steven Ukpabi (Ugwu na Ami Ami 1 of Ututu ancient kingdom) is a native of Nkpakpi Ututu and he is the CEO of First Treebones Hotel, CEO Treebones Group of Companies, CEO Sungai Pacific Nig LTD. His a Husband, Father, investor, entrepreneur.

Furthermore, he reiterated the fact that no particular region made Dr. Otti a governor-elect, we all voted for you and we expect you to serve us all with no partiality, be assured that we Abians are with you but not standing blindly with you, we expect nothing but a total change, we don’t have any other State, i didn’t campagn for LP in Abia for any personal interest, I’m not interested in any political appointment, all i want is for Abia to flourish like other States.

We can’t continue to let criminals rule over us, Most business owners in Abia couldn’t speak up because of fear but they all supported you, i gave my voice and risked my business in abia while campaining against a seating government because all i wanted was for Abia to be liberated, Abia is a blessed state and we will not fold our hands again and watch anyone reap our state dry, we will still speak up and control votes in Mass against injustice, we expect nothing but good governance and from this day no more godfatherism, i will always speak my mind.

Congratulations again H.E Dr Alex Otti

Thanks to H.E Sir Peter Obi

Thanks to Prof Nnenna Otti
Abia state RO
A very strong lady.

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