Actress Monalisa Stephen has reacted to the people who always body-shamed her saying that she has six-packs and very comfortable with her body.

She shared pictures of her body stating that many people have died from being body-shamed but will keep up the positivity.

Monalisa said she will keep working out and staying fit but will not allow negative talk to weigh her down.

She wrote, “You Can’t Body Shame me because I get Coconut Head. I no dey put my ear for negative talk. I Dey Block Bad Energy.
I Get 6 Pack for my Back and I Love am Die.
Am I depressed? No, I’m not. Deep down I love my body and the way I look and I don’t want to change it.
Living in denial? No
And I will not defend or explain myself.
Will I keep taking about Body Positivity? Yes, I will.
Do I support Working Out and Eating Right? Yes, I do!!
I want to be FAT and FIT.”

“This issue has affected people’s mental health. A lot have died from being body-shamed. We need to create Awareness!! So me talking about it doesn’t mean I want PITY. I don’t need your PITY.
I want to talk about it to Enlighten Some people.
Thanks for all the love so far but some people need it more than me because I have a tough skin and it’s not everyone that’s on my Confidence level. So please Reach ours to that Friend and that Family member that people refer to as “ too FAT, Too Skinny, Too Short, Too Tall. Because nothing is too much.
You’re Perfect Just the way you’re and there is someone out there who will love you for who you’re.
The world is Hard, Don’t make it Harder.
Be Kind.
Spread Love and not Hate.
Thanks to everyone who have been reaching out
God Bless You and Yours
Love and Light”

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