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Thursday, January 27, 2022
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APC’s Propaganda to Exclude Other Parties from 2023 Election – Kperogi

Anyone who has monitored Nigerian political punditry in the institutional news media and on social media in the last few weeks would be led to suppose that only candidates of the improperly named All Progressives Congress (APC)—who are actually a bunch of opportunistic, conservative fascists— would be participating in the 2023 presidential election.

Opinion: Kingsley Nnah Okadigbo’s Media Fight Against Rep. Uzoma Abonta, a Desperate Ploy by Power Centers in Ukwa to Pave Way for Chief Chris...

It is no news that the media has been awash with puerile and mortifying publications by KINGSLEY NNAH OKADIGBO against Rep Uzoma Abonta wherein he is directly exhibiting a high level of avoidable logorrhea and displaying a great skill of macabre dance whose drumbeats are orchestrated by his paymasters hiding in the bush.

Tinubu, Buhari, Osinbajo: A Troika of Treacherous Villains – Kperogi

Muhammadu Buhari, Yemi Osinbajo, and Bola Tinubu represent a triumvirate. They reinforce, reflect, and inflect each other.  While Osinbajo is clearly a talented, well-spoken man, he is entirely a Tinubu political creation.

An Inconvenient Manifesto to Reclaim Nigeria’s Judiciary – Odinkalu

Over the past three weeks, I have addressed various aspects of the multi-dimensional crisis of both credibility and mission that afflicts Nigeria’s judiciary and the legal profession. The first article dealt with the crisis of judicial fixation with “political cases” at the expense of providing access to and timely exit from courts for citizens and court users. 

Unlike Abati, Channels TV’s Seun and Maupe Deserve Praise – Kperogi

As a journalism professor and former journalist, I feel obliged to point out that Channels Television’s Maupe Ogun-Yusuf and Seun Okinbaloye aren’t getting the plaudits they deserve for the excellent, well-conducted interview they had with Buhari last week despite the limitations they had to contend with.

Buhari Should Give No More Interviews – Kperogi

One of the self-care treats I’ve chosen to indulge in, for my own sanity, is never to torment myself by watching a Muhammadu Buhari interview on television, but a good-natured yet “troublesome” friend of mine for whom I have profound respect never ceases to mischievously tyrannize me by forcing me to watch Buhari’s interviews obviously because he knows that seeing Buhari’s trademark parapraxises and unfailingly disastrous rhetorical incompetence would extract a response from me.

Michael Okpara University Readjusts Admission Cut Off Points

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, MOUAU, has readjusted its 2021/2022 admission cut off point from 160 to 140.

Opinion: Is Pantami’s Frequent Crying A Neurological Disorder? – Kperogi

A video clip of Communication Minister Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami weeping during a sermon on Monday because poor people stole goods from a burning Next Cash and Carry supermarket in Abuja (which turned out to be largely inaccurate because most of the people alleged to be stealing were actually helping to salvage the goods in the shopping ccentre is going viral on social media and inviting ridicule to him, particularly from northern Muslims who wonder why his lacrimal glands were dry when people were burned alive by terrorists in Sokoto a few days ago.

Only Buhari’s Switch to Christianity Will Nudge the North – Kperogi

Quite a few readers requested me to offer a perspective on the protests that seem to be sweeping the North over insecurity, especially in light of the observation I made in last week’s column that “there are only muffled, barely audible voices of outrage from everyday northerners” and that “there are no mass protests in the streets and no consistently violent maledictions against Buhari in mosques—like there would have been if the president were a Christian.”

Chidi Odinkalu: Living and Dying Young in Buhari’s Nigeria

The end of the year is usually rich with delightful expectations for children and young people across the world. It offers a break from school to look forward to and lots of gifts received and exchanged. It is not for nothing that it is also called a “season of goodwill”. For Nigeria’s young people in the age of Muhammadu Buhari, however, it is anything but.

Why the North Bleeds and the People Sleep – Kperogi

Northern Nigeria, particularly Muslim northern Nigeria, has become by far the most dangerous place to live in Nigeria— and one of the most dangerous places to live in the entire world.

Did Tinubu Call Buhari “Agent of Destabilization”? Yes! – Kperogi

A quotation in which Bola Ahmed Tinubu called Muhammadu Buhari a “bigot” and an “agent of destabilization” has resurfaced on social media and is being shared by people who are opposed to Tinubu’s presidential aspirations. 

#EndSARS: Challenges of Lai Mohammed on Lekki’s “Tales by Moonlight” – Kperogi

In spite of irrefutably overwhelming evidence provided by on-the-spot eyewitness accounts by Nigerians, CNN, and the Lagos State judicial panel on EndSARS-related abuses, Misinformation Minister Lai Mohammed insists that the government-sanctioned mass murder of unarmed protesters at Lekki is “fake news” and “tales by moonlight.”

Revolt of “Repentant” Boko Haram Terrorists Prove my Point – Kperogi

AFP, the French wire service, reported on November 18 that “Hundreds of Nigerian Boko Haram jihadists who are being held in a camp after surrendering to the military rioted on Wednesday to demand the right to slaughter cows for meat” in the Gidan Taki outskirts of Maiduguri.

FFK and Pantami: What Fraud Has Joined Together… – Kperogi

I normally don’t read, much less respond to, anything Femi Fani-Kayode writes because he’s clearly an emotionally and psychologically disturbed man whom I once described in an October 7, 2006 column titled “Fani-Kayode: Ministerial Rascality Taken Too Far!” as an “ignorant, rascally, and harebrained twerp,” as “a vulgar, noisy, bigoted, foul-mouthed, infantile, and witless twit,” and as a “drab, vain, sycophantic, overzealous, scatterbrained megalomaniac” who is “the very personification of ethnic and religious bigotry.”

They Said Nothing Was Happening, How About These? – Adesina Rolls Out Buhari’s Achievement

As you read this piece, President Muhammadu Buhari and his team are in the French capital, attending the Paris Peace Forum, a gathering of about 30 Presidents and head of governments from around the world. The Nigerian leader is among the few that were asked to deliver a speech.

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