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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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An Eye on Tokyo 2020 – a Daily Diary on Several Media Platforms – Odegbami

That was an incredible opening ceremony of the Olympics yesterday in Tokyo – simply out of this world!

Why APC Politicians are Terrified by e-Transmission of Votes – Kperogi

The political elites of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have chosen to regress to the stone age in matters of election at a time that Nigeria is relentlessly digitalizing in every other sphere.

Why Islam is different in Yorubaland and Hausaland – Kperogi

Popular narratives about Nigeria, particularly in the West, routinely dichotomize the country into a “Muslim North” and a “Christian South”. But this dichotomization elides many subtleties, such as the fact that Muslims enjoy a numerical dominion in Yorubaland in southwestern Nigeria and that Christians predominate in many northcentral states and in the northeastern state of Taraba.

University Lecturer Suspended Over ‘Cash for Project’ Leaked Audio

A lecturer of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Godwin Olai has been suspended following leaked audio recordings of him demanding money to write projects for students.

Buhari’s Paranoia Manufactures Enemy on Citizen’s Faces – Abdul Mahmoud

Paranoia makes governance costly under dictators. This personality disorder trait, which makes a dictator delusional, compels him to chase shadows where there is no light, enemies where there is none, to the extent that his self-repressed personality becomes the mirror that expresses his fears and anxieties.

Opinion: Made In Aba For The Export Market The Public Sphere

Business and management consultant, Mac Atasie has a single message for the Aba business community: focus on export, building on your low labour cost relative to the competition.

Don Lulu@40: Celebrating A Living Legend In Philanthropy And Humanity

Going by history the world has always looked up to legends as people who not only win but give us a larger than life image as role models. By all standards with available and verifiable records Mayor lucky Igbokwe is a perfect fit, he is someone who sacrifices self for the comfort of others.

Opinion: Buhari Off to UK that Hosts Kanu But Bans Twitter that Broadcasts Him – Kperogi

The Buhari regime’s official narrative for banning Twitter in Nigeria is that Twitter is the platform of choice by digital dissidents to amplify their treasonous, separatist rhetoric, and IPOB’s Nnamdi Kanu has been invoked as the most dangerous culprit of this.

Public Fund is “Indocid” to Looters Under Ikpeazu’s Abia – JOK

To fully understand the kind of person Governor Okezie Ikpeazu is, you need to take note of the recently reported conversation between him and one of his former appointees who is now a chieftain of one of the mushroom opposition parties in Abia state.

Opinion: The Unnecessary and Avoidable Theatrics of Obinna Oriaku – Onoh Chukwuma

Mr Obinna Oriaku’s recent invitation to the EFCC has trended for some days now as if it is the first time for such an invitation. Since 2018, he has been a regular visitor to the Commission.

Opinion: Posers for “Saint” Obinna Oriaku on His EFCC Ordeal – Onoh Chukwuma

Obinna Oriaku's lame attempt to glibly blame his recent arrest and detention by EFCC over the allegation of misappropriation of N22B Paris Club Refund on the appointment of two consultants by the immediate past administration of the state needs further interrogation to establish whether this latter-day saint did not actually miss his way to hell.

Opinion: Tales from Oriaku’s Moonlight – Onoh Chukwuma

It's no longer news that Obinna Oriaku, the former Abia state Commissioner for Finance, was arrested and detained recently by the EFCC over allegations of misappropriation of N22B Paris Club Refund to the state.

T.B.Joshua: ‘There Was a Man I Knew’ – FFK Pen Touching Tribute

There was a man I knew who helped a former Head of State's wife gain access to her husband whilst the latter was in detention and when his life was in danger, even though he had never met him.

Abati, Arise TV’s PR Show and Buhari’s Dementia – Kperogi

That even the vaguest pretence to traditional watchdog journalism is in throes of death in Nigeria’s institutional news media was instantiated by the interview Arise TV’s crew had with Muhammadu Buhari last week. It was out and away from a PR job that masqueraded as journalism.

Nigeria Will Survive – Adesina to Secession Activists, Distractors

Which one is Iberiberism again o? What kind of English shall we not hear in this country?

An Open Letter To The Nigerian Government: Pursue A #Bitcoin Standard

The hope of Nigeria lies within this generation. I am proudly a Nigerian descendant living in America and am a proponent of Bitcoin.

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