Boys Brigade Of Nigeria Confers Dr. Anya Inyima Kalu With A ‘Gold Community Service Award’

The Boys Brigade of Nigeria during their enrollment at Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Ohafia surprised the Ohaia South Local Government aspirant Dr. Anya Inyima Kalu with a plaque ‘Gold Coomunity Service Award.’ Dr. Anya, in his post, said that this should serve as a wakeup call for every Ohafian to raise upright gentlemen who will see the need to eradicate cultism and all social vices.

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My joy knew no bounds when the 11th Ohafia Company of the Boys Brigade of Nigeria during their Enrollment Service, surprisingly handed me a plaque with a very pleasing yet humbling inscription. “…GOLD COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD”.

Beyond this kind gesture, it serves as wake-up call for every bonafide Ohafian to join the crusade of raising upright young men through the Boys Brigade and defend our society from the erupting menace of cultism and all social vices. Lets take action now by encouraging our wards to join the Boys Brigade Fellowship.

God Bless the Boys Brigade Fellowship!!!
God Bless Ohafia!!!
God Bless Abia State!!!
God Bless Nigeria!!!

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