Sad: Man Used As Collateral in Pakistan, Wife Speaks Up

The wife of the man, Onyema Nwatu, who was used as collateral by his friend who took him to Pakistan has spoken up on what really happened.

The woman, Ezinne Nwatu, who revealed that she has five kids with her husband said that the villain Emmanuel Chidera Mbanwike bought goods from some Pakistan people and took her unsuspecting husband there as collateral and ran back to Nigeria.

She said when she asked him why he returned without the husband, he gave a flimsy excuse which warranted her to take the case to the Special Anti-Response Squad team in Abuja where he was locked up.

However, he was released after some time and since then he has been on the run.

She pleaded with the man to pay the money so her husband can return home to her and her kids.

Watch the video here…

See the video of the man used as collateral in Pakistan…

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