Hilarious! Debtor Mistakenly Pays Creditor, Conversation Will Shock You

A debtor has mistakenly credited his creditor after months of owing him but wants the money returned.

The man, Deji, who shared the news on his Twitter page said he loaned the money to his friend since Apri 29th, 2020 but when it was time to pay back the loan, the debtor started avoiding him and suddenly stopped picking his calls or responding to his messages.

From the chat, Deji shared with his debtor, the debtor kept begging Deji to return the money as that was not his money.

He also told Deji to pick his calls so they can talk and agree on something.

Deji wrote, “Someone that owes me money just mistakenly credited my account. Money don turn my own sha , all this shalaye no concern me 🤣”

When asked, Deji revealed that the amount he mistakenly paid to his account was not up to the amount he gave him as it was still running short of about N30,000 but stated that he was never going to return the money.

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