Drama: Woman Stops Man’s Wedding, Reveals Shocking Details

At a wedding in Zambia on Saturday, a woman disrupted the wedding ceremony while revealing the most shocking detail.

According to the viral video shared by Zambian page on Facebook, the woman who came with her two children stopped the wedding while revealing to the shocked congregation that she was married to the man.

The woman who was backing her baby stated that they were not divorced or separated and even slept with him before he went to the church that Saturday morning.

“This man is my husband, we haven’t divorced, we haven’t separated, we never quarrelled, he slept with me, this morning he is from home. I don’t know what is happening here”

Watch the video here…

It was gathered from eyewitnesses that the man’s culture allows him to marry as many women as he wants.

Meanwhile, the man kept hiding his face while the bride appeared not shaken as the whole drama unfolds.

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