Why Sen. Akpabio Is Best Fit For Senate President – Emenike Iroegbu, South East Media Professional Group (SEMPG) President

The President of South East Media Professional Group (SEMPG) Mr. Emenike Jason Iroegbu, has described Senator Goodwill Obot Akpabio as the senator that is best fit for the Senate President position at the moment from southern Nigeria.

Speaking to journalists after a recent SEMPG leadership meeting in Enugu, Iroegbu made it clear that even though all senator-elect from the southern region of the country are qualified for the senate president position, Akpabio has distinguished himself with his excellence-driven mindset, good relationship management skills, political friendship from all the region and his passion for Nigeria.

Iroegbu went further to posit that Senator Akpabio has the legislative skill and has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is loyal to the All Progressive Congress (APC) by stepping down for the Bola Ahmed Tinubu the President-Elect during the primaries.

“Akpabio is the best senator for the job at the moment, he is versatile, has great legislative acumen, has built political bridges all over Nigeria and his passion for Nigeria is topnotch. During the APC presidential primaries, he proved that he is a party man by stepping down for Asiwaju.”

“Go to Akwa Ibom State and see the uncommon transformation Akpabio made possible in the state. We need him to be senate president to change the trajectory positively from the National Assembly to Nigeria.”

“SEMPG will not support any senate president candidate from the South East, not that they are not qualified, but because we need an all-round Nigerian like Senator Akpabio to take that position and unify Nigeria more” he concluded.

During the South East Media Professional Group leadership meeting that was held in Enugu, the media group endorsed Senator Goodswill Obot Akpabio for Senate President and Honorable Benjamin Kalu for Deputy Speaker House of Representatives.

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