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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Opinion: My Outrage Fatigue About Nigeria – Prof. Kperogi

In the last few months, I’ve noticeably scaled-down the frequency and intensity of my social media involvement with Nigeria, and scores of people have reached out to ask why. The short answer is that I am suffering from a psychological phenomenon called outrage fatigue.

Opinion: Governors’ Invitation, Brutality Bred Negative Sentiment Against Security Forces

One of the most unfortunate things about leadership in Nigeria is the process by which it is derived. With the absence of a rigorous selection process based on merit, adequate know-how and manifestable compassion, all sorts of charlatans attain leadership without the faintest idea of what to do when the test of leadership comes.

Opinion: ESN,IPOB, Bokoharam, Bandits, Unknown Gunmen And The FG’s Executioners Axe

Nnamdi Kanu is preaching and agitating for sovereignty due to the evidential injustice being visited on the Igbos, Isa Pantami preached and acted hate and violence against non-Muslims and allegedly supervised the killing of non-believers, while Kanu was confined to prison and was nearly killed by the army, Pantami was rewarded with a ministerial appointment and the data of my country handed over to him.

Pantami is a Hater of Christians and Non-Muslims – FFK

I am glad that a young, brilliant and deeply courageous freelance journalist by the name of David Hundeyin thoroughly thrashed, disgraced and removed the pants of a shameless ignoramus, bumbling fool and decrepit imbecile called Kabir Bako on Channels Televisions’ ‘Politics Today’ last night.

Outside the Box: Massive Government, Miserable Populace – Otti

On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, I was privileged to deliver the 10th-anniversary lecture of the Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State. I have taken the liberty here to share excerpts of the paper with you. Interested readers can go to the university website (www.adelekeuniversity.edu.ng) to read the full paper.

Umar’s “BIAFRAN Boys” Dig Part of Nigeria’s Unofficial Igbophobia

Danladi Umar, the notoriously vain and sickeningly skin-bleached chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, was caught on camera on March 29 physically assaulting a security guard identified as 22-year-old Clement Sarawak.

The Widow Spider Effect: The Psychology Behind Meghan Markle’s Hold on Harry

To put it mildly, Meghan Markle is probably the most dishonest person to have ever been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey.

Adesina Speaks on War and Rumours of War in Nigeria

It’s often intriguing to hear eminent and well appointed Nigerians talk about disintegration, destabilization and outright war, as if it’s a picnic. War? Not a tea party, and not something you should wish even upon your enemy.

Omokri Weighs-in on Meghan and Harry’s Interview, Call it a Propaganda

The Meghan and Harry interview proved to me that a large percentage of people are very emotional and are prepared to believe the worst things without the least proof until they become the victim of unsubstantiated stories, at which point we will hear things like ‘this life’, ‘people are wicked’.

Is Gov. Ikpeazu Really A Drunkard? – Loveday Chidi

A habitual drinker of alcohol who is frequently intoxicated is known as a drunkard according to the dictionary definition.

Legislative Rascality Taken too Far: Need to Caution Senator Smart Adeyemi

It was with great disappointment that I listened to Senator Smart Adeyemi's unwarranted vituperations and acute display of arrogance on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 on the floor of the Senate.

Opinion: Governor Obiano, Using The Power Of Silence To Maintain Social Balance Of Anambra State – Eze

Although we may never admit it, but recent happenings in Imo State has amplified the leadership skills, statesmanship and power of silence of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State.

Prof Ibe Commends Ikpeazu Over Effective Human Capacity and Infrastructural Development

A renowned United Nations (UN) and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) consultant on education and development, Prof Gregory Ibe, has commended the current practice of ensuring an effective balance between human capital advancement and strategic infrastructural transformation by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu led government of Abia state.

Opinion: Okezie Ikpeazu & The Burden of Truth

There comes a time in ones life when after having sleepless nights over an issue, you woke up one day, search deep into your conscience and face that moment of truth.

Anyaso Pays Tribute to Hon. Ossy Prestige, Calls Him a Great Aba Boy

The President Ụmụ Aba Connect worldwide, Dr. Chimaobi Desmond Anyaso has bemoaned the death of Hon. Ossy Prestige, the Federal House of Representatives member for Aba South and Aba North Federal Constituency.

Opinion: Nwa Aba Aruola Aba: More Headaches/Woes To Detractors – Loveday

As a government, we are aware that the task before us is to develop Abia and we know that it is indeed an enormous one. We will do our best within the confines of what our resources can achieve but we cannot achieve this without the support of the people. We will do one project after the other”.

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