GEJ Applauds Obaseki, Urges People to Elect Leaders with Vision

Former President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has encouraged the people of Edo to choose leaders who can uphold the vision and legacy of Governor Godwin Obaseki. He noted that the governor has made commendable and exemplary contributions to the education and public service sectors of the state.

The former president made the statement during a State Banquet held to honor visiting African leaders and other dignitaries. Individuals and organizations who contributed to reforming the state’s public education sector were recognized and awarded.

Jonathan hailed Obaseki for his drive for inclusive education policies and for recognizing groups and individuals who have invested in education in the State.

He said: “I know about Obaseki and governors within the Niger Delta. I have an idea about what they are doing. I kept quiet, but you know that when somebody has a vision, people may not be too happy in some areas. It is very difficult to satisfy the human population but one key thing is that Obaseki has a vision for Edo people.

“I sincerely thank him for that vision. I hope whoever will take over from him will continue with that vision. He has taken education to a level where if it continues, it will help. Look at what he has done today; he has given recognition to deserving people and organizations that play key roles in the education of our children.”

According to him, “We thank the Governor for his vision for automatic employment to First Class graduates of Edo extraction. It’s only a man that means well for his people that can do this. It is similar to what I did when myself and Sambo were in Office. We came up with the Presidential Scholarship of Innovation and Development. That was a special program we designed; it had nothing to do with politics.”

On his part, Governor Obaseki said the gathering was organized to appreciate stakeholders for their interest in boosting education in the state, noting, “We want to render our gratitude to each and every one of you who has contributed to where we are today in Edo State. One area that the world has come to recognise Edo in recent times is in the strides we have made in education. Globally, Edo State is recognized as an accelerator in terms of its education reforms, along with about fifteen other countries in the world. I believe that Edo is the number one or two of the sub-nationals in that ranking of nations.

“We attribute the success to the support that we received from almost everybody here tonight. When we embarked on a journey to reform our educational system in Edo, we had no choice. But we also did not realize that the success will be this resounding – that the entire world will recognize what we have done or that our children will be learning at the rate they are doing today.”

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