Former Miss Nigeria Calls Out People Who Flouts Rules But Expect Different From Peopl

The former Miss Nigeria has called out people who flouts rules but expect different from others. She called out people who wants others to get their PVC but still drives one lane and also flouts traffic rules.

ezinneakudo There has been a lot of focus on getting our PVCs and while that is very commendable, it is necessary to understand that active citizenship goes beyond that. You can’t keep shouting ‘get your PVC , get your PVC’ when tomorrow you will still drive one way, you will still get to a roundabout and be struggling like your great-grandparents commissioned it instead of giving way to traffic on the left, you will even still give a policeman that 100 naira 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
As a pastor, for example, you can’t be preaching about PVC and the ills of the present administration meanwhile your loudspeakers might stop people in the neighbourhood from hearing the trumpet announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ!! Yes I know, inept leadership is definitely a major problem in Nigeria, but it is certainly not our only problem! You and I are consistently contributing to that problem and we MUST also take responsibility. By all means, get your PVC but fix yourself! You are Nigeria! Nigeria is you! 

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