Alex Otti and the Fading Howl of a Dying Fox – By Jude Ndukwe

In recent times, the perpetually failed governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, Mr Alex Otti, has embarked on a rush of meaningless scurrilous attacks against all those he perceives as his political nightmare who has stopped his inordinate political ambition of ever becoming the governor of Abia State by all means, by the virtue of their own popularity among the people.

Having left the banking sector to join politics with the desperate ambition of becoming governor, an ambition that has since turned inglorious because of his now many faux pas, Otti is determined to not only demarket Abia by all means but also to destroy her. This seems to be his own way of punishing Abians for seeing through his deceits and overwhelmingly rejecting him twice at the polls. His actions these days are more like that of a brainless suicide bomber who would go about detonating explosives in a crowded market place in order to kill innocent people even if it includes children, just because in his own warped estimation and jaundiced thinking, those who do not share the same religious beliefs as him have to be destroyed even if it means destroying himself irredeemably in the process.

Like the suicide bomber, like Alex Otti!

While one is a religious terrorist, the other has gained for himself an unenviable toga of a political terrorist whose mission is to destroy the state and ASSASSINATE people’s character.

Is there anybody that Otti has not attacked in Abia State sometimes even using crude methods befitting of a political Lilliputian and neophyte like himself?

He has needlessly attacked stakeholders and leaders of all categories including revered Church leaders of all denominations, traditional rulers, Abia founding fathers, elder statesmen, party leaders including those of his own party which has since suspended him, all for retiring him politically because he is a man of bewildering sophistry.

Alex Otti has lost his name, fame and flame as one of the poster boys of the banking industry seeing that Diamond Bank which he led as MD/CEO lost its glorious name and brand following the Executive incompetence, recklessness, ineptitude and irresponsibility that characterized his tenure as CEO of the bank which eventually led to its collapse and adoption by another. Abians know this and they have resoundingly rejected such a man at the polls twice. They also know that they cannot trust a man who changes his ethnic origin at will just for political convenience. It is not easy to leave a plum job in the banking industry in the hope that you would become a governor and see that hope fade away without any hope of it being realized. Except one is of noble and strong character, he would embark on the same journey of desperation like Otti and wage futile war against his perceived enemies including the masses he hoped to govern.

Having lost both at the polls and the courts several times, Otti thinks it is time to punish the people for rejecting him by throwing tantrums, distracting the government and political leaders of the State, in a bid to slow down the pace of governance. He manufactures figures against the State and her leaders and brandishes them as facts just to hoodwink the people and win their sympathy. But the more he does that the farther the people move away from him, even his own party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), have finally come to realize what discerning Abians have always known and been saying about Otti., that he is a man that destroys institutions he is privileged to lead. Today, the Party has suspended him for dragging them into a bitterly divisive crisis that has seen it drown and eventually cremated by Otti’s recklessness even before taking its last breath.

Today, in an attempt to stay relevant, he has gone on an ill-fated voyage of crass fabrications, half-truths and outright falsehood to the extent that he is now an outcast even in his native “AroNgwa” and own political party. No matter how much he howls, he has proved to be irredeemable. Like the Old Testament leper, Otti is now quarantined within his own walls of destructive propaganda and deceit, NdiAbia has therefore chosen to move on!

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