The former governor of Anambra State Sir Peter Obi has stated that to build the economy of Nigeria, the cost of governance needs to be shut down.

He said this while speaking to journalists in a video clip he shared on Twitter as he disclosed that many agencies need to be shut down.

He said that the best way to deal with the crash in the revenue of the country is to deal with all the unnecessary things in the country.

“There’s no reason why a Governor should be travelling with up to 30 persons when he can go alone or with minimal persons. Nobody will kidnap anybody. All these buses and Hilux that travels with the Governor is unnecessary. I’ve been a Governor and I know that there’s no country in the world that have enough money. Throughout my time as the Governor, I never owed salary, pension or gratuity yet, I left over N77 billion in the State treasury. I never owed any contractor until I left office.”

“Shut down all these irresponsible offices all over the place and live a normal life. I said it during my time, why will the Governor of Anambra State has a lodge in Abuja? Is he the Governor of Abuja?”

Watch the video here…

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