Why I Married My Husband – Regina Daniels Reveals

Widely criticized actress Regina Daniels has stated in a new interview that her husband, 59-year-old Ned Nwoko is a very honest man.

According to the teen actress, his honesty has made her love him more while revealing that her marriage to the 59-year-old billionaire has affected her positively and is currently living her best life.

She also added that she never liked hanging out with her age mates and that she always wanted to be around older people so she could learn from them.

“His honesty. He’s the most honest person I have ever met. In short, I love his honesty. Well, I have never actually liked hanging out with my age mates. I go for people that are far older than me, so I could learn something from them or people who are bellow, so I could teach them something and being married to my husband hasn’t stopped me from relating with those people.

I can’t think of anything marriage has robbed me of, because when I was single, my life was always about acting, schooling and I didn’t have time for party but now that I’m married I could go out for parties.

I can even say I’m more privileged to have more opportunities now to do things than when I was single”, Regina Daniels disclosed in an interview.

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