A lady has narrated how she dealt with her husband’s friend who felt entitled to their time and home. She revealed what she did so the friend will leave them alone.
Read her Twitter thread below.

My husband had one of those annoying friends;rude and entitled. You know their type, show up at odd hours unannounced and complain about the food.I wasn’t his fan

Mainly because he felt entitled to our time and our food. He would show up at any time and refuse to leave. Worst of all,he always had something to say about my food. Husband friend o!

But I tolerated him because hubby seemed to like him a lot. Until one day…

He showed up at 7am on a Saturday knocking and knocking on the door. Hubby let him in as I was fast asleep. At the time I was a fairly new bride so I had shorts on.

Thinking it was just hubby and I, I confidently catwalked to the living room to give my husband a good morning kiss. I was in a lovely mood until I heard this idiot friend say Good morning Madam.

I ran back inside as fast as I could,embarrassed and annoyed. I decided to avenge while donning my abaya

Properly dressed and annoyed,we greeted and he promptly started issuing breakfast orders while my lawfully wedded husband sat there begging me with his eyes to co-operate

“Amarya please don’t make eggs. Plantain and maybe some yam with sauce. Do you have liver? Liver sauce would be fine” I smiled through gritted teeth and said “ba damuwa “

In the kitchen I remembered that hubby had said the guy had really bad reactions to pepper. Hehehehe I carry atatrugu and jalapeno grind.

As I was frying the sauce I now suddenly remembered the gembu pepper my grandmother had gifted me. Ah, I pour it inside o. Mix it with liver and garnished with green pepper. Liver sauce ko?

I made plantains and egg for myself and hubby. Quickly text him not to touch the liver sauce before I served them. O saran handeI had breakfast in my room. 

As expected,the greedy man helped himself to the sauce oI chuckled as his hapless friend tried to give him water.

“Yaji! Wai wai Madam ta zina yaji!”“Ka bani ruwa!”“Ba no biredi ne ya fi”I was secretly laughing in my bedroom.

Because of greed this man sha continued to eat this sauce while jumping up and down.

I heard him rush to the guest bathroom and I fell down laughing.Our dear friend was in severe pains by 9am that morning.

He has not visited us since that day.Sometimes I feel bad sha but then I taught him a lesson that hopefully he will teach others.

Leave newlyweds alone. Your freind’s new wife is not your chef

Thanks and God Bless

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