Unfair Employment Practices by Inner Steel Company, FCCPC Establishes Report

Following an expose by a journalist on Twitter on the ill-treatment of Nigerian workers in Inner Steel Company, the Federal Competition, and Consumer Protection Commission visited the company location at Obehie, Ukwa West LGA, Abia State.

The South-East and South-South zonal officers of the FCCPC were able to establish the reports on August 13th, 2020 that employees live in less than ideal conditions.

It was also revealed that some employees felt restrained on site and unable to leave even though going home has been their preference.

The employees were also required to work non-stop shift of 11 hours with inadequate breaks and also injuries incurred at the workplace led to an amputation.

According to the FCCPC, it was able to secure an urgent commitment from the company to improve the living condition of the employees by buying mattresses and fans for the employees.

It also stated that they will allow any employee who wishes to depart, adjust the working conditions from 11 hours to 8 hours and also improve the medical access and responsiveness of the employees.

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