A tourist identified as Mufasa on Twitter was attacked by robbers in Ijora, Lagos State.

According to his narration, he pulled out his phone to check a map when the robbers attacked him but luckily, he wasn’t harmed.

Read his post, ‘Attempted traffic robbery at Ijora. Lagos gave me a very warm welcome. 😁

Got home unscathed & they didn’t succeed in taking my phone, after breaking both my side glass.

Their crazy met an even crazier crazy. Thankfully I somehow got out of the situation before it got worse. Stuck in traffic & wasn’t sure if I was going the right direction, so I pulled out my phone to check the map.

Wrong move.

Almost immediately, I noticed 2 boys hovering on bot sides of my car. I quickly threw the phone under my seat & quickly worked out a strategy not get hurt.’

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