An abusive man has intentionally rammed into his ex-wife’s car after over two months of intimidation, stalking and filing a restraining order against him in South Africa.

It was gathered from Autumn Stone who shared the news on her Twitter page saying that she was with the man’s ex-wife when the incident happened.

Autumn revealed that they found out that the restraining order filed against the man at the South African police service station was not served.

Read more here, ‘My friend decided to leave her abusive husband. It’s been over 2 months of intimidation and stalking. She even has a restraining order against him. Today at 13:15 he stalked her and smashed into her car while I was with her and he drove off, basically a hit and run. #EndGVB.

To add salt to injury we find out that the police station that she went to get a restraining order at did not actually serve him with the papers. We know how grossly incompetent SAPS is but this is taking a piss on gender-based violence against women!

The police have a warrant of arrest and are currently looking for him.’

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