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Eze Aro Crisis: Evidence Shows Why Godwin Idei is Not Fit to Be King

A member of the royal family of Okennachi in Arochukwu who was illegally crowned the Eze Aro of the ancient kingdom, Prince Godwin Idei has been accused of homosexuality in Brazil.

An investigation carried out by revealed that he is an active member is the Associacao Orquideas LGBT/AM in Brazil. A practice which is abhorred in Nigeria, particularly in traditions and cultures.

It was gathered that the group titled the Orchid Association of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) or LGBT Orchids Association which is promoted by a webiste include childhood and adolescence, youth, women, LGBT QIA+ and Afroamerican population /Afro descendants.

A check also gave the address of the homosexual group as R. Maçura, 72 – Monte das Oliveiras, Manaus – AM, 69092-490, in Brazil.

A long list signed by the president of the Association Paulo de Oliveira showed Kanu Godwin Idei as a member. The list was published on May 31st, 2023 on the group’s Facebook page. 

Recall that LGBTQ practice is a crime in Nigeria with a punishment of 14 years imprisonment.

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