Stylist Recounts how He Was Almost Charmed In Computer Village

A style icon has just recounted how he was almost charmed in computer village. He said he was almost brainwashed on the streets and how he ran out of the place.

This was my TGIF mood yesterday not until after my unforgettable experience of an escaped brainwashing on the street. If not for God and my small Street OT😩 it would have been a different story. Here’s what happened, after I was done with a Client’s Inspection of a Property at Ikeja (Yes, I’m a Real Estate Consultant😊), so I decided to get a new earpiece at Computer village which I did, on my way out of the streets of C-villa, someone starting Shouting Chairman &whistling continuously from behind but I kept moving cuz my name no be chairman 🙄. The next thing I knew was I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind, as I turned i to see who it was, It was a man, obviously in his 40s with scars on his face, definitely a street tout and up to know good. Next thing he said in Yoruba ” Motin pe yin lati e kan nau” (I’ve been calling you for a while), then he confidently added “Alaye fun wa ni 2k ka fi saye weekend ” (Give me 2k for the weekend), I just smiled and replied “Alaye mi o ni 2k ti mole fun yin oo” (Bros I don’t have 2k to spare), as I turned front to take my leave, he grabbed my hands 😳as I turned back in anger😡 the next thing I knew was he started chanting incantations ni sha 😳🙆 saying “nkan taba wi fun e ni ko se” (whatever I say you shall do), at this point, I realised he was trying to charm me, he then leaned over and tried to whisper in my ear, with fear and anger I just pushed him away.As I tried to leave, he threatened saying “to ba kuro ni be yen ” (if you dare leave that spot), I just turned back and shouted “Koni da fun baba e” and before he knew it I don JAPPA!!!🏃🏃🏃. On my way home I was just speaking in tongues and quoting scriptures, lmao infact you go fear cabashing 😂😂😂 till I got home safely.
All my life, I have been skeptical when I hear about people (even close friends) getting charmed on the streets, I just confirmed it yesterday, guys thus shit is real, people are falling victims.
This to Lagos, Stay WOKE😳!!! Have you even fallen a victim before?
Pls I would like to know

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