Actress Ireti Doyle has opened up about the #endsars protest rocking the country stating it was ‘an organized chaos.’

Recall that the protest has been going on since October 8th, 2020, where the youths keeps demanding for an end to police brutality.

Ireti stated that the youths have shown high capacity for critical thinking, problem solving, project management and implementation.

Read her post below;

“Where some see “protest”, I see organised chaos.
In the last 10 days Nigerian Youths have achieved the following:
*Designed, crowd funded and sustained a sophisticated system stretching across several continents covering many different human & social platforms with transparency and accountability.

*They have shown a high capacity for critical thinking, problem solving and project management & implementation – skills sorely lacking on the national level.

*They have proven that our ethnic and religious divisions are mostly a social construct sustained mostly by the ignorant and the ones who benefit from the the resulting disunity.

*They have shown that for a worthy cause Nigerians from different backgrounds and persuasions will come together to speak with one voice.

*They have shattered the lie that Nigerians, especially the youth are lazy, lack innovation and the ability to organize themselves.

*They’ve shattered the myth that men & women cannot work together.

*They’ve shown that Nigerians do desire more, we were possibly just too afraid to ask for it. Either that, or didnt know how to ask for it.

*They have shown that indeed our strength is in our unity and diversity.

Finally, amongst the things that readily come to mind… they have proven beyond any reasonable doubt (showing workings) that subsequent govt administrations have been the cog in the wheel of National progress.

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