A man identified as Babjide Blunt has blasted ladies who demands for takeaways with no intention to pay for it, stating that such lady should never be a spec for any man.

Speaking on his Twitter page on Tuesday, Babajide disclosed that most times, going on a date with a lady does not mean that one is interested but generally to see if something can spark a continued interest.

He also lambasted ladies who finish all their meal on a date stating that it was unladylike to do that.

Read the whole tweet;

A woman that attempts to request for take away on a casual date is not a spec!You request, we will pay but just know that you left a footprint

Secondly, if you empty your plate of rice on a first date, you’ve left an impression! I know someone that even chewed the chicken bone

This is the point, some female intentionally ask for take away ( my friend said I should bring something for them, my síblings are home).

The date of whatever meeting is it is just for you and him! Forget those extras, everything that happens that day longer.

Except you’re going to insist on paying, there’s no point for take away. Some pretend as though they want to pay (you that don’t have Tfare want to pay for take away). The idea is she already knows that as a man, you’d not allow her to pay! The willingness to pay isn’t genuine.

Again, a date isn’t an avenue to display that you’re a foodie! You are coming to have a discussion in the actual sense,the meal is just for refreshment ( I assume you’d have had your fill before coming) so focusing on the food and crushing bones is needless!

I imagine talking to you about something and the only filler word I get from you is the sound of you crushing bones!

I guess some ladies do this because they believe the date is their opportunity to reap the fruit of their yet to be done labor because somehow for some, after the date, the next meeting is sex and so the first date is for them,the next for the man..just maybe.

I’m not saying you should form, eat the food but it’s unlady to empty the entire plate, even the last grain of rice some people will spoon it out!

Doesn’t override your good character and other things good melookoutut for when genuinely searching but we notice the little thing.

And let’s be sincere, sometimes we go out on dates not merely with the impression that we are interested in dating you, at times we just want to see if something abt you can spark the interest and possibly make us consider a relationship! But when you now turn the date owambe?

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