2023: Buhari Reveals Administration’s Priority

President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed that the priority of his administration will be leaving behind a legacy of free and fair elections in the country.

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Reminiscing on the electoral conduct since the inception of his administration in 2015, he stated that there has been a steady improvement in 2019 and the off-season of Edo, Ekiti,  Anambra, and Osun State.

“Since 2015, the conduct of our elections continues to steadily improve. The 2019 general elections, and the off-season elections in Edo, Ekiti, Anambra & Osun; were all conducted in largely improved contexts, to the satisfaction of contestants and voters. This is what we hope for in 2023.

As I have said repeatedly, leaving behind a legacy of free & fair elections is a priority for our administration. Beyond our borders, we will also continue to work to improve the quality of governance, especially in West Africa, where democracy’s survival is currently challenged.”

President Buhari reiterated his resolve in also improving the quality of governance in West Africa and ensuring the survival of democracy.

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