Divorce: Man Who Made Wife Sign Prenup Finds Out She’s Richer

A man who insisted his wife sign a prenup before their wedding has just found out that his wife is richer than him.

It was gathered that the man and his wife are getting a divorce but he found out that his wife’s asset is bigger than his own asset.

The man is now insisting that they will divide the asset which the wife inherited from a relative last year or they will go on with the marriage.

The asset managers tweeted this below;

“So a client made his wife sign a prenup two years ago. He insisted and shouted upandan so she agreed. Now they’re getting a divorce and we’re finding out she’s like 7x richer than him he’s trying to break the terms and divide the assets.

Things to note:
We are not their lawyers but their asset managers.
They are not a British couple.
Mrs inherited money and business from a relative last year.
Mr is saying he’s not divorcing again if she doesn’t share the money.

Another thing to note Mrs knows I tweeted this I’m not an idiot 😂 and she gave permission for her story to be published in the company newsletter so if you read it you’ll know which company it is.”

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