COVID-19: Safety Measures Still in Place, ABSG Warns

Abians are reminded that corona virus is still ravaging nations of the world. In Abia State, government have put in place a lot of measures to mitigate the spread of the deadly disease. It is therefore, important that Abians continue to observe all the relevant protocol in the State. Similarly, it is imperative to continue to remind us of the following:

1. Protocol for Religious worships remains the same.

2. In order to ease the subsisting difficulties on burials, and its restrictions to 1st and 3rdweeks of every month, government directs that burials can now hold every week of the month but still restricted to Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only. Abians and the general public are advised to still apply for burial permits to the Secretary to Abia State Government through their relevant Local Government and also complete necessary undertakings to obtain the said permit.

3. Markets in the State will continue to run from Mondays to Saturdays as approved earlier beginning from the hours of 7am to 5pm. All market Covid-19 Committee should continue to ensure strict observance of all the protocols in the market.

4. Government directs that all Primary and Secondary schools should resume on Monday 28th of September 2020 and must comply with all the Covid-19 protocol and other guidelines as released by the State Ministry of Education. These protocols/Guidelines will apply to both private/public schools.

5. The statewide Community testing is still ongoing and we appeal to all Abians and sundry to submit themselves to this important exercise. Our Molecular Laboratories in Amachara and Aba are functional. Our medical protocol team are available to handle any positive case arising from the said test.

6. A few spikes of the virus have been noted in some parts of the country. Government is conscious of our gains so far in Abia but we are not yet at the zero point. Accordingly, we advise Abians to be very careful and continue to take precaution by wearing their face masks at all times and maintain the necessary hygiene.

7. State, Local Government enforcement teams and security operatives are to enforce all protocol on covid-19 in the State. They are empowered to apprehend offenders and prosecute at our Mobile Courts.

8. All the Sensitization Committee in the various Local Government Areas should continue to carry out sensitization and advocacy on covid-19 protocols at the various villages and communities in their Local Government Areas.

9. With respect to transportation all Keke are to continue to carry only 2 passengers, shuttle bus (Oke-bekee) 4, and buses 9, while passengers and drivers are to wear their face masks on board.

10. Finally, Abians are also reminded that the Mobile Courts are still operative in the State and have been empowered to prosecute offenders in the state.

11. We continue to thank and appreciate all our donors who have been supportive in the fight against covid-19, our medical protocol team and all the Local and State Enforcement teams and our security agencies.

Secretary to Abia State Government/Chairman
Inter-Ministerial Committee on Covid-19, Abia State

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