Man Recounts How He Stopped An Ongoing N50 Bribe In A Fuel Station

A Facebook user has recounted how he stopped a N50 bribe that was always collected from a filling station where he buys fuel in a keg. If most people can do this, then we will be able to get it right in this country.

For months the fuel station close to my house has been forcing anyone buying fuel in kegs to pay a minimum bribe of N50 depending on quantity.

I pleaded with the attendants not to try that nonsense with me, they refused. Thrice I asked to speak to the manager and he supported the attendants, saying all fuel stations do it.

About 3 weeks ago I went there to buy fuel, the attendants refused selling to me if I didn’t pay them the bribe first. I told her I wasn’t going to leave the station if she doesn’t sell me fuel because it was discrimination and illegal to refuse me service in my Country.

While I was waiting, a “big man” came in his expensive jeep to buy fuel and paid a bribe of N100. Immediately he left the attendant turned to me and said if that man can pay for his keg, why will I, a small boy, refuse to pay? Calling me a kid pissed me off and I went in to see the manager. The manager supported his attendants and threatened he was going to call the cops on me and tell them I came to rob the station. That was the final straw.

I left, promising I was going to take legal action. They probably thought I was making empty threats.

That night I wrote to the fuel station franchise owners informing them of what had happened and that I intended to get justice. I thought it right to first inform them before proceeding with my plans, didn’t think they were going to do anything, considering the manager already told me that the charge was authorised by management.

Next day I got a call from the regional manager of Lagos asking for more info and that I give them some time to investigate. After some days, I got another call asking me to point out all those involved. They all got fired. Right now that practice of paying a bribe to buy fuel has stopped for everyone buying fuel there.

It cost me more, in time and money, to get redress, than I would have spent bribing those attendants for a year. But it was worth it because if all Nigerians surrender to the abnormality of paying bribes for the most basic things, this Country will never get better.

We can all continue to blame the Presidency while we turn a blind eye, and even support the rot in our own backyard.

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