A man, Richard Ibe has narrated how he was beating at a bus stop for trying to play a prank on a supposed church member.

He stated that when he saw the lady, he thought it was his church member not knowing that it was just a doppelganger and tried to play a prank which turned out bad for him

Well, read the story…

It was around 8pm yesterday at a major bus stop in Lagos when I saw a church member waiting to board a vehicle going her route. She had a bag underneath her legs, so I thought I should prank her by acting as tho I were a bag snatcher. From behind I snatched the bag. Before I could laugh, turn back to return her bag, she had already screamed the “Ole, ole, ole” thing. I turned back to make her know it was I, Richard. There and then I got the shock of my life.
It wasn’t Chinenye, It was just a doppelganger 😳😳

“Omg. What mess have I gotten myself into” I thought. Before I could make a sentence, I received slaps, several punches from unseen hands and the chant “Ole, ole, ole”. Each time I tried to say a word I got a slap. After much beatings, they dragged me to their boss and asked me to explain myself to him. For the first time in my life I was happy to see a classmate being an “agbero”. It was Ahmed. The notorious fighter back in my high school days.

“Oh boy dem say you wan thief for this bus stop”. I called him by his name, “Ahmed”. He was shocked, looked at me and said “Ibe Richard”? He asked me how I had got myself into the mess. I explained to him and thank God he understood and told the boys to let me be. If all my high school friends had gone to the university/polytechnic, reading books in their hostel. Who would have saved me? But thank goodness I had someone who went into the streets to exhibit his notoriousness. The brilliant ones in school couldn’t have saved me from yesterday, but the “Olodo” Ahmed was who saved me from what could have possibly been a jungle justice.

I’m never in my life trying such a prank. Not in the day, not in the night.

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