The Spokesman to the President Femi Adesina has denied the claim that he stopped the President from dissolving the Special Anti-Robbery Squad amidst the uprising of the citizen.

He said this after a news media People’s Gazette stated that the President Muhammadu Buhari told the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu to dissolve SARS but was stopped by Adesina who told him not to give in to the ‘Twitter warriors.’

Mr Adesina disclosed that this is a false story which was designed to malign his image.

He wrote, ‘A false story designed to malign me is making the rounds. It says the President was to have scrapped SARS on Friday but was prevailed on by me not to do so, as government cannot bow to ‘Twitter warriors.’ Evil. Fake. A concoction from the very pit of hell.’

Meanwhile, the IGP has dissolved the SARS on Sunday, 11th October 2020 stating that they will be joined to other units but the citizen insisted that their demand is still is that the police brutality should be stopped.

A report also has it that protesters are being beaten with teargas and water cannon in Abuja as the protest rages on.

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