Alaba Traders Call for Hoodlums’ Arrest, Urge Fees Reduction

Following the mayhem orchestrated by hoodlums at Alaba International market in Lagos State on Wednesday, the Alaba Amalgamated Traders Association Council of Sectional Heads have called for the arrest of the criminals behind the threat to life at the market.

Speaking in a press briefing on Thursday, it made it clear that the criminal identified as OBJ, Sadiq and Sheyi who led the attack must be arrested as they also made threats to attack innocent traders at the market.

The press statement also acknowledged the tasks paid by the traders and urged the Lagos State Government to remove kiosks and petty traders who blocked the exit point of the Alaba International market road.

It also called for the reduction of outrageous fees collected from containers, trucks and vehicles conveying goods of traders in the market.

The press statement also made it clear that its agreement was devoid of any tribal or sectional interest but rather for the collective good of the traders who comprises all ethnic divides.

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