FCT Police Command Foils Kidnap Attempt, Arrests Suspect

A suspected kidnapper identified as Gideon Zamani has been arrested by the Operatives of the Federal Capital Territory command for allegedly trying to abduct a 37-year-old mother of two.

The victim, Tehilla Shadrach was attacked at a fuel station on Airport Express road near the city gate by the kidnapper on Sunday, March 5.

An eyewitness who recounted the incident to Instablog9ja said, “I stepped out of the car to make a transfer for the fuel we bought, leaving my sister alone in the car. She was in the front seat on the passenger side, when the guy attacked her and tried to strangle her.

It happened within a space of two minutes. I think he was monitoring our movement because he launched an attack as soon as I stepped out.

It was my sister’s cry for help that drew my attention. When I rushed back to the car and started b£ating him, the guy claimed that he was my sister’s husband. People even believed him and started b£ating me until my sister was able to speak out that I’m her brother.

He said he wanted to steal the car and kidnap her if possible. Thanks to everyone who came to her rescue. He was arrested and taken to Wuye police station.

He was caught with different ID cards carrying different names, but he said his name is Gideon Zamani from Kaduna State.

The guy confessed to killing three people, and that his last victim was at a unity fountain in Abuja. Though he later told police that he had k#lled five. The numbers are eventually going up.”

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